Our expertise on tap for you

Over the past seven months, Medilaw Group has had the opportunity to connect and engage with more than 4000 of you through our Educational webinar series.

Our resident host Kylie Gould has been joined by several of our Medilaw Group Consultants who have shared their expert advice, insight and experience on a diverse range of topics ranging from Telehealth to Addiction.

If your diaries are anything like ours, we are sure you will have missed the chance of meeting a consultant or two at our live sessions. Thankfully, all of our webinars are recorded so all you need to do is browse from our webinar library below, grab some popcorn and settle in for interesting conversation.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


  • Dr Simon White, Occupational Physician, Medilaw
  • Professor Peter Steadman, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Medilaw Group
  • David Riley, Account Manager, Kairros

Work environments can impact our entire physique and emotional outlook. This webinar discusses the specifics relating to knees and shoulders in a repetitive environment and the importance in approaching rehab for shift workers differently, particularly with fatigue management. Delivered in partnership with Kairros.

2020 Wrapped Up


  • Kim Dunne, Gallagher Bassett
  • Gavin Mathieson, Suncorp Group
  • Elke Gjergja, MedHealth
  • Kristine Gatt, WorkSafe Victoria
  • Mark Raberger, MetLife Australia & ALUCA

Twas a month before Christmas, when we all caught our breath and looked back at 2020 and thought – what will be next? This interactive session will cover a range of topics as we reflect upon our experiences of 2020 and look forward to what the future holds for our industry.

Somatoform Disorders


  • Dr Robin Chase AM, Occupational Physician, AMLG
  • Corina Della-Posta, Psychologist, WorkFocus Australia
  • Dr Aleksandar Janca, Psychiatrist, Next Health

Somatoform disorders often mean that a person lives with a condition that is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed with no adequate explanation. Despite detailed diagnostic tests, patients with this disorder often suffer greatly, both psychologically and physically due to misconceptions by doctors that they don’t want to be helped, or because of their own feelings of insecurity about being helped. Delivered in partnership with WorkFocus Australia.

Secondary Psychiatric Conditions


  • Dr Martin Allan, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • Corina Della-Posta, Psychologist, WorkFocus Australia
  • Justin Dyson, Partner, McCabe Curwood

As a result of a physical trauma or illness, physical symptoms can manifest into a secondary psychiatric condition. In this special session, we take a look at what
are secondary Psychiatric conditions, how they present, the impact they have on the injured person and other stakeholders, and ongoing management. Delivered in partnership with WorkFocus Australia.

Opioid Addiction


  • Dr Noel Plumley, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Medilaw Group
  • Dorothy Frost, GM Research & Innovation, MedHealth
  • David Riley, Account Manager, Kairros
  • Lucy Hartley, Claims Service Manager, Swiss Re

This pertinent webinar reviews the growing focus of opioid prescription and misuse in Australian society. We discuss the scope of the issue within the community and compensable injury schemes, as well as management strategies to improve claim and health outcomes. Delivered in partnership with Kairros.

An interactive session with Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Greg Nutting


  • Dr Greg Nutting, Orthopaedic Surgeon, AMLG

This interactive webinar provides an opportunity to engage with our experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Greg Nutting. Dr Nutting walks us through common issues related to Musculo skeletal injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident from causation/mechanism of injury right through to Assessing Whole Person Impairment, covering common terms, assessment techniques, red flags and the role of radiology along the way.

Understanding the Cultural Factors that Impact Recovery


  • Dr Ghazala Watt, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • A/Prof Michael Robertson, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • Danielle Brown, General Manager, Kairros

This special educational webinar shares insights from Medilaw Group as we to discuss cultural factors that impact on recovery, including considerations and effective management techniques to ensure the best outcome for your client. Delivered in partnership with Kairros.

Decoding Medical Reports, Terminology and Implementing Recommendations


  • Dr Michael Lucas, Occupational Physician, Next Health & Medilaw
  • Dr Todd Gothelf, Orthopaedic Surgeon, AMLG & MLO
  • Ellen Watson, Rehab Consultant & Physiotherapist, WorkFocus Australia

In this webinar our expert panel spend time reviewing common medical terminology, in particular terms that are used in medical and rehab reports and reviews, delving into what certain phrases mean and discussing how to identify the key findings that help set the plan for implementing recommendations. Delivered in partnership with WorkFocus Australia.

Inside a Telehealth Assessment


  • Dr Ben Duke, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • Dr Simon Journeaux, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Medilaw Group
  • Jason Vowles, Exercise Physiologist, Be Active Health Solutions

This webinar lifts the lid on a telehealth IME assessment so you can better understand the process and confidently walk your clients through what to expect. Delivered in partnership with Be Active Health Solutions. Please contact Kylie Gould to receive a copy of the recording: kylie.gould@medilaw.com.au

A Framework to Re-engineer Engagement with Insurers & their Treaters Masterclass


  • Dr Jack Cygler, Director of Product Innovation, MedHealth
  • Corina Della-Posta, Psychologist, WorkFocus Australia
  • Dr Alice Neale, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group
  • Dr Neil Cochrane, Neurosurgeon, Medilaw Group

This interactive session will provide valuable insights and lessons learnt from managing claims in other insurance jurisdictions to show how you can re-engineer engagement with insurers and their treaters to provide significant benefits.

Understanding and managing anxiety

Understanding and Managing Anxiety


Dr Ghazala Watt, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group

Dr Victor Cheng, Psychiatrist, Medilaw Group

Alyse Withers, Provisional Psychologist, WorkFocus Australia

Thousands of people are feeling pressure on their mental health right now – and that includes people out in the workforce.This timely webinar delves into the topic of anxiety and our expert panel offer some valuable tips to help support your clients, team or anyone who may be struggling.